Top ten Tourist attractions in Kenya


Celebrated for its fantastic savanna safaris, Kenya is a nation of sensational extremes and exemplary complexities. It is famous for Kenya safari lodges and Kenya Desert hunts and high snows; woodlands and open fields; the city of Nairobi and brilliant tribal societies; freshwater lakes and coral reefs. There are many Kenya interesting facts that many potential tourist would find interesting, Kenya is East Africa in microcosm. The untamed life safaris have remained the top vacation spot in Kenya for a considerable length of time while different vacation packages incorporate trekking Mount Kenya, expanding over the Masai Mara and snorkeling in Malindi on the Indian Ocean coast. In this article, we will detail some of the famous spots and tourist attractions in Kenya that you would absolutely love to visit:

Nairobi, Kenyan Capital, one of the tourist attractions in Kenya.
Nairobi, Kenyan Capital

Nairobi National Park
The Nairobi National Park is only a 10 minutes’ drive from the focal point of Nairobi with just a wall isolating the recreational center’s untamed life from the city. Nairobi’s high rises can be seen from the National Park. In spite of its closeness to the city and it’s relative small size of the recreation center, Nairobi National Park boasts of a huge and diverse population of wild life.
Nairobi, Kenyan Capital, one of the tourist attractions in Kenya.

Malindi gives an exceptionally decent place to really get to enjoy the waterfront vacation spots in Kenya, with its broad coral reefs and delightful shorelines. This place is ideal for surfing, snorkeling, remote ocean angling and other water sports
kenyan vacation spots malindi

Mount Kenya
Mount Kenya is the most astounding mountain in Kenya and the second-most noteworthy in Africa, after Kilimanjaro. The mountain offers an excellent sight. The high summit may be daunting and troublesome, requiring a specialized trip, but a few bring down tops are however available and are a simple destination for any fit trekker.

Mount Kenya Batian and Nelion summits
Mount Kenya Batian and Nelion summits

Mount Kenya tourist attraction
Sunset on Mount Kenya
Mount Kenya vacation spots
Mount Kenya’s Snow Capped peaks

Mount Kenya, Sprawling in the Horizon

Samburu National Reserve
Samburu National Reserve is an extremely quiet national park in Northern Kenya. It pulls in untamed life due to the Uaso Nyiro River that goes through it and the blend of woodland and field vegetation.
Holliday in Kenya

Damnation’s Gate National Park
It is extraordinary among Kenya’s untamed life parks, as you are permitted to walk or cycle without an aide. There’s emotional landscape, with steep precipices, crevasses and basalt segments.

Lamu Island
There are no streets on Lamu Island, just rear ways and trails, and thusly, there are few mechanized vehicles on the island. Occupants move about by walking or by watercraft, and jackasses are utilized to transport merchandise and materials.

Lamu Island Vacation spots
Lamu Island Vacation spots

Lamu Island Vacation spots

Tsavo National Park
Tsavo is the biggest national park in Kenya and one of the biggest on the planet. Tsavo National Park is the perfect destination in Kenya for individuals who look for isolation and security and in addition the opportunity to investigate the wild.

Lake Nakuru
Lake Nakuru is an extremely shallow lake, located in the heart of Kenya. The lake’s plenitude of green growth pulls in immense amounts of lesser flamingos, at times more than a million at a time.

Flamingos taking off from Lake Nakuru
Flamingos taking off from Lake Nakuru

Nakuru Lake
Nakuru Lake,

Amboseli National Park
Amboseli National Park is a generally little stop found near the border with Tanzania at the foot of Africa’s most elevated mountain, Mount Kilimanjaro.

Amboseli National Park, Kenya
Amboseli National Park, Kenya

Ostriches in Amboseli National Park
Ostriches in Amboseli National Park

Masai Mara National Reserve
Every year the Masai Mara National Reserve is thronged by a large number of voyagers who come here to watch the park’s amazing collection of diverse wildlife populace and the yearly movement of zebra and wildebeest.
Massai National Park


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