Six Most Ruthless African Dictators in History


Dictatorship is a form of government where only one person rules a country. A form where authorities use different methods to make sure that the ruling individual remains the strongest.

In Africa, the regime of the majority of African dictators in the country’s history were marked by terror, bloodshed and chaos. Some of those dictators made their way to good economic status, others were tarnished and others had a good start but lost their way during their time. Below is the list of worst dictators in Africa history.

2Teodoro Obiang N’guema (Equatorial Guinea: 1979 – Present)

N’guema has been the ruler of Equatorial Guinea since 1974, this 74 year old Sick African dictator ‘eats his enemies’ testicles and brains to boost his sexual prowess’
The 74-year-old took charge of the country’s affairs in 1979, and is referred to as the “torturer-in-chief” following his reported sadism. The president of Equatorial Guinea may not be a household name – however those who have survived his brutal regime claim he is nothing but pure evil.

He rose to power by toppling his uncle’s regime – Francisco Macias N’Guema – taking revenge after his uncle had his family murdered. Since seizing power, his politically opponents have been subjected to severe oppression and torture. However are many claims that his depravity goes much deeper, it is alleged that Obiang N’guema is a cannibal. Those who make these claims say that he believes in eating his political opponents to increases his sexual prowess.


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