Six Most Ruthless African Dictators in History


Dictatorship is a form of government where only one person rules a country. A form where authorities use different methods to make sure that the ruling individual remains the strongest.

In Africa, the regime of the majority of African dictators in the country’s history were marked by terror, bloodshed and chaos. Some of those dictators made their way to good economic status, others were tarnished and others had a good start but lost their way during their time. Below is the list of worst dictators in Africa history.

1Idi Amin Dada (Uganda: 1971-1979)

Idi Amin is African dictator who was in power in 8 years until the coup of January 1971. He fled to Uganda during Uganda-Tanzania war and exiled in Libya and Saudi Arabia where he lived until August 16, 2003. There were rumors that during his time as the dictator, there were cases of cannibalism, human right violations, extra judicial killings, corruption, economic mismanagement, and political repression.

In 1979, his eight years of extreme dictatorial rule was brought to an end when Tanzania and anti-Amin Ugandan forces invaded and overthrew his regime. Idi Amin had earlier launched an unsuccessful attack on Tanzania in October 1978 in an effort to divert attention from Uganda’s internal problems. He escaped to Libya, eventually settling in Saudi Arabia, where he died in August 2003. The deaths of 300,000 Ugandans are attributed to Idi Amin, till date Idi Amin still has the reputation the very worst African dictator ever.


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