Saudi Arabia executes Chadians convicted of al-Qaeda-linked killings

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The Government of Saudi Arabia has executed two men of chadian origin, for joining an al-Qaeda-linked group that aimed their attacks on foreigners. According to statements made available from Saudi’s Interior Ministry, the two chadian nationals were beheaded in the Saudi of Jeddah, after they were conviceted of killing a french Citizen and attempting to murder other non-Muslim’s in 2004.

Further statement’s identified the two executed chadian men as Ishaq-Issa Shakila and Issa-Saleh Hassan. In the early 2000s, The Kingdom witnesssed a series of terror attacks by al-Qaeda militants which targeted Western nationals and facilities.

Saudi Beheads-Beheads-for-Witchcraft-IP

In last couple of months, the al-Qaeda splinter militia group, Islamic State, has claimed responsibility for a string of attacks on mosques of the Shiite minority in Saudi Arabia.The execution of the Chadians brings total number of people beheaded this year in Saudi Arabia to 109. This is marked increase in execution when compared to a total of 83 poeple who where executed in 2014.

In Saudi Arabia many offences like, murder,banditry, armed robbery, rape, witchcraft, drug-trafficking and still attract the death penalty.

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