Hundreds of South Korean men give up nationality to avoid military service

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An opposition lawmaker in South Korea has sensationally announced that well over 16,000 South Korean Nationals have willingly relinquished their South Koran citizenship in order to avoid the country’s mandatory military service. Jin Sung-joon a lawmaker from the country’s main opposition party, New Politics Alliance for Democracy, said that in 2014, total number of 4,386 men opted for foreign nationality to evade the military service, which was increase over the 3,470 that did so in 2011.

He cited the South Korean Military Manpower administration as the source of the data, he said the data was submitted to the National Assembly as part of an annual audit. He further stated that in the first seven months of this year(2015), that a total of 2,374 men have already given up their South Korean citizenship to opt out of the military service.

He said the majority of those givin-up their South Korean Nationality became citizens of the U.S. followed by Canada, Australia and New Zealand. The lawmaker also said another data released by Rep. Baek Gun-ki of the NPAD Party, showed that a total of 2,568 out of 24,980 senior public officials working for the government and related agencies did not fulfill their military obligations for numerous reasons. He said it was mandatory that all able-bodied men of South Korean nationality should carry out this military service for two years

South Korea's Military Parade

South Korea’s Military Parade

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