Germany: we can’t cope with 800,000 refugees per year

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Germany’s Minister for Interior, Thomas de Maizeire has stated that Germany has so far been harboring about half of the refugees and asylum seekers arriving Europe from all over the Middle east and Africa and that it(Germany) could No longer cope.

“This year we have to cope, and we will but long-term, 800,000 per year are too much for a country the size of Germany.

“We are now taking 40 per cent of all refugees in the EU,” said De Maiziere.

The minister also said that the authorities in Germany gave a fair hearing to every refugee, with rights to appeal, before eventually deporting those who were ineligible for an asylum. He however called on other EU member states that are presently repelling the refugees who are pouring by their thousands to do more, to help the German’s out.

With a large number of people fleeing from war torn places like Iraq, Syria, Eritrea and other hot spots around the world, the German interior ministry has been advocating for fast-track deportation of Balkan citizens, who mostly do not qualify for asylum, while speeding up education and integration for other qualified immigrants.

Ethnic tension between refugees in overcrowded hostels reached boiling points late Wednesday in Suhl, central Germany. Police said a brawl in one of the hostels left 10 refugees and four police personnel injured.

Police said the fight started after one hostel resident was accused of insulting the Koran, the holy book of the islamic faith.

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