7 Australians prevented from traveling to join IS


The Prime Minister of Australia, Tony Abbott has announced that about seven young men of Australian citizenship were prevented from joining ISIS over the weekend, they were stopped at one of the country’s airports as they tried to leave for the middle-east presumably to join up with the Islamic Militants.

The Australian prime minister disclosed that the young men are now being investigated by the country’s counter-terrorist agency, because a large amount of cash and other suspicious materials were found in their possession. Tony Abbott also stated that more than a hundred-and-fifty Australians have left the country’s shores to join ISIS in Iraq and Syria, of this number, about 20 of them are believed to have been killed in the fighting and 20 more are believed to have made their way back to the country.

So far 60 Australian passports belonging to suspected jihadists have been revoked, while about a 100 people in the country are thought to be providing assistance to ISIS in some way. In the past year alone, Australian police have arrested and charged 14 suspected jihadists for making plots to attack and behead people in Australia. Up to twelve people have been convicted of terrorist related plots and are currently serving jail sentences in the country.

Islamic state militants on a parade
Islamic state militants on a parade


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