10 Bad Habits That Drain Your Energy

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Do you always feel tired? if you are, you are not alone in this. Millions of people like report having feelings of tiredness during the day. Often the causes of this tiredness is attributable to lifestyle choices. Here are a handful bad lifestyle choices that drain your energy and leave you feeling tired.

1. Dehydration

When there isn’t enough water in your body, the blood in your veins become thicker, and this makes it a lot harder for the heart to effectively circulate the blood. This also means the blood won’t transport the optimal oxygen and nutrients you need to stay active, hence the feelings of tiredness.

2. Going to Bed Too Late

Findings from research has shown that deep sleep which is critical for your well-being happens between 10PM and 1AM. If you observe that you wake up tired every morning, then you may want to consider adjusting the time you go to bed.

3. Not Working Out

Most times when you feel like skipping your morning workouts, you should force yourself to do it anyway. A recent study revealed that even having a light workout session had the unexpected benefits of boosting participants energy levels.

4. Low Iron Levels

If your meals don’t contain some essentials like red meat, liver and eggs, your energy drain may as a result of low iron levels. Without enough supply of iron, your body may not be able to produce a sufficient quantity of blood cells that can transport the required oxygen to your vital organs such as the heart, brain and Lungs.

5. High Standards

Though being ambitious is a good thing, but having especially lofty expectations from yourself and others can be tiring when not properly managed. It is easy to overextend yourself in the pursuit of your lofty aims and objective. It is important to maintain the balance in our life by keeping expectations reasonable and not overburdening yourself.

6. Skipping Breakfast

A lot of people are trying to lose weight by skipping breakfast. However that comes at a price, because not having breakfast may derail your entire day. After an all night fast, the body needs to replenish itself with calories and nutrients that it needs to produce energy.

7. Standard Diet

Processed foods though convenient for the busy lifestyles we lead these days, but they are adversely affecting in ways you may not be aware of. These highly refined foods lack the nutrients that your body needs to produce sufficient energy, this can make you feel a bit sluggish.

8. Being a People-Pleaser

The desire to please those around you is good, but it affects you adversely when you take it too far. Trying to please the people around you all the time can result in both mental and physical exhaustion, especially when this prevents you from taking care of yourself and the things that are important to your life.

9. Clutter

They saying that goes, %u201CA cluttered work-space makes a cluttered mind.%u201D It takes more effort to locate what you want from a cluttered space and this can overwhelm and leave you worn out.

10. No Rest Time

When you are constantly working hard and don’t make out time to relax and take your mind off work, you eventually get drained both physically and mentally. Make it a part of itinerary to take time off your projects and focus on things that leave you relaxed, such as meditation.

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